Tank Tocks and Sops

Over the past week I went snow tubeing. Of course the monster (sieben) came with us just like any other vacation. But first, let me get you back on track because I haven't posted in a while. (sorry!)

Sieben loves snow. Sieben also loves people.

Now that you have been notified, back to the topic...
we went in our RV, and the place where you can camp is next to the ski slope. So when my cousins and I went out to play in the snow, my dad made us take Sieben. Let me tell you something, sieben loves us, he
USUALLY doesn't run away. so we had him off leash while we were haveing a snowball fight (he loves when they disappear on the ground!) so then he ran.

As I stated previously, sieben
USUALLY doesn't run away. of course in his mind it's ok to greet every person within running distance. Off he goes with no leash. He runs to everyone on snowboards and practically knocks them all over!

Now to the whole tanck tocks and sops thing. Well, since it was new years eve, my parent were out partying. Just as well were the kids. So we were tired, and some akward things were said and you could also say, sieben was a little rambunctious... We were sitting around the table, when out of nowhere. The door shoots open and out runs sieben. (He must have opend the door) that clever dog!!

Well, since he had gotten out before we knew where he was headed. The ski slopes.

So, lea, liv and I were running after him in our PJ's. we were in socks, and i was in a tank top. Once again, we were all tired, so weird things happened. when we came back in, Liv said, "we just ran out in our tank tocks and sops!!"


(later something came up about Lea being a dog....)


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  1. I hope your sops are dry by now!!!

    What a funny night!

    (I was so happy to see a post from you! Yay!)


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