Bendachew Toys...

Never, and I mean never, leave your perfectly good Christmas present on the kitchen table, but that only applies to people who own big dogs...

No matter how high you table is, your dog at some point in his/her life will take something off of it. Whether its food or jewelery, they will take it. So take my advise from experience, Never, never, leave things on the kitchen table, they will go missing or into pieces...

So I went top school that day, not expecting to find fun, flexible building sticks all over the floor!! Here's my point, If you intend to keep something, keep it glued to your celling.

If you choose not to, things will break, get broken or destroyed. So watch your kitchen table,or who knows what will happen.


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  1. Oh, bummer!!! (I can't tell you how many times the same thing has happened here. but if I could, I know you'd believe me...)


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