For starters

This is my first blog so if its not the greatest I can say that I warned you...

Well I guess I should start with something simple, like why it's (my blog tittle) called "Stay in Line with Z".
Well, for starters, I have a weimaraner named Sieben Mal. that means, "7 times", in the German language ( s is pronounced z) .He's my dads seventh weim and, "yet the greatest of them all," my dad has quoted many times. I created an endless bond ( Bond, James Bond...) with him (sieben) ,that has made me become a dog loving, weim huggin' person.

I can't say I didn't warn you about this...

I think I'll start telling you about Sieben. He is a hilarious dog and has the personality of a growing up child in the state of confusion. In his mind, he's got two brothers that love him very much and is spoiled out of his mind ( he sleeps with my parents and occasionally with me...

He is hopefully going to be a fab show dog. I luv him very much and hopen his personality stays this way untill the end of it all. He is very lovable, and loves everyone (including you.


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