The beginning

So, I think I'll start fresh with the next few posts. I'm going to start at the beginning of the story.

When I first got sieben he was 8 weeks old and still had that puppy smell and breth. He was EVERYTHING to me. He was and is the first weimaraner puppy I've ever had. My cousin and I loved to take pictures of such a small toe biteing pup. I got the one and a million shot with my dads camera. He was playing with my yoyo!! how cute is that.

After the first 2 weeks that we had gotten him, we took him to florida. he learned to swim but didn't like it. But he loved boat rides. Remember this pup was only ten weeks old at this point.

to read more, wait till tommorrow!!



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  2. Thank's! Can't wait to comment on your next post!

  3. You have a very darling pup, there! : )
    Your aunt sent me!


yoyo photo