Doggie Life Vest

My dad, Z, and I went to Florida over spring break. By the title. If you know Sieben. You can already tell this story is going top be interesting.

One of our Florida friends told us a story the last time we were there about how his dog fell out of his boat and it took 2 ropes and three men to get him back in. So it influenced my dad. He decided we were going to get Sieben a doggie life vest.

He says it's because it has a handle so if Sieben fell out and got knocked unconscious we could easily pull him out of the water. But I think it's because he doesn't trust Z's awesome swimmin' skills...

When we went to the beach on easter and ate lunch and dinner on Cape Romono there were, let's see, 1,2,3,4.. 4 or five dogs. Oh yeah, yeah 5. There was saidy, merfey, migee, shelby (I know what you're thinking and it's not funny :(!! ) and Z. Jim, my mom, Melissa, Ryan, and mark(not my dad) were fishing. Shelby and I ( ha got you on that one!) were swimming in the water. Every time jim caught a fish not worthy of keeping he dropped it into the water near the dogs. Sieben, with his dumb moments even though how smart he is, tried to chase it.

When it swam away, so did Sieben. How good of a swimmer he is, that fish totally out swam him. and then dolphins had to show up in the distance. Then the fish started jumping. It scared the krap out of my dad and I. he's frikin' swimming yards away from the frikin' beach that you can only get to by a frikin' boat!!!!!!! ( sorry, it felt like a frikin' moment :)...)


When my uncle, his girl friend and my dad and z and I went to blind pass my uncle was fishing...

as i write this, my little brother is sleeping with his head resting on mt lap on the way home in a RV.

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