the second letter of the alphabet is still Z

Sorry, this post is a little late, but we've been buisy lately and by we I mean mom, dad, and I, not z. well I'll just post like it was actually the day of the second dog show.

At the dog show in the novice jr. section I got first place but didn't get any further in that competition other than a second place in the second and last round.

In the puppy class 9-12 months I got second and got no further, But we stiil had to stick around and see if the other lady in the puppy class (no not the person as a person, as a handler) got best of breed, she didn't but if she did, I could have won reserve winners. so I still leave with two 2nds and a fancy first ribbon and that was pleasing!



  1. Congrats to you and Z! I'm glad this is going so well and that you're enjoying it!

    Speaking of enjoying things - I'm really enjoying your writing! This post was fun!

  2. Oh, and also: There will be an award for you on my blog Saturday morning... (I know this because I can see into the future)


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