Suicidal puppy!

Today Sieben scared the life, death, and well even a little crap out of me.

We were at the beach today at Cape Romono. My uncle, my cousin, these three old guys, and I were the only ones up there (the second story of a igloo type structure. ) when sieben jumped. He jumped Right though a hole in the wall! How stupid is that!

Anyway, I guess I should tell you the story of these igloos...

Well it all started with Cape Romono, the builder people whee ( oops, typo) were building these things and left for the
day. (My prediction.) And that night a hurricane hit. (Again, my prediction...) Well, from then on they ate (oops another typo) they are a historical thing mabobber. I actually saw them in person!!!


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  1. You made a very scary situation hilarious when you wrote about it! Shelby, your writing rocks!


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